Why Dating a Younger Man is Still Considered Unacceptable

The relationship should be about two people who loved each other. In society, however, relationships are about how others see the two people. This feeling reflects the couple's dynamics in many subtle and open ways. They can hardly isolate themselves from the views of the social circle. Maybe, that's why the relationship of cougar dating is so difficult for a woman. This unconventional pair-related taboo can be expressed in a variety of forms. Here are some common reasons why people disagree with older women and younger men.

Experience gap

Many people will think that an older woman has more life experience than her younger partner. She will be more worldly, so she should be with someone who is also familiar with or more familiar with the rules of life change. It is inappropriate to be with a relatively immature partner in the world view. The idea seems to stem primarily from the notion that a woman cannot respect a man who is less experienced than she is.

Sexual humiliation

Although many magazines are writing articles on the sexual endurance and appetite of young male partners, there is a strong awareness that older women should not have frequent sex. This is related to the issue of sexual freedom of women in society. Social reality points out that at a certain age, women should stop dating and settle down with their peers or older partners. So when an older woman is hookup a younger man, society will feel that she has violated the natural laws of the world. As she grows older, she should have less love, even no sex, but not more.

Disappearing beauty

No matter how small the age difference between the couple, people around them will pay special attention to the woman's signs of aging and compare her appearance with her younger lover. If the woman looks older than her partner, people will naturally want to know how this young man can tolerate her. However, they cannot fully understand that love and understanding transcending the true feelings of external beauty.

Sugar Mommy

Society will be puzzled, when a younger man chooses to be with an older woman, so they will immediately tag him with a gold digger or someone who is opportunistic. Many people believe that there is a clear imbalance of power between them and that the younger partner feelings about her will never be deep or even fake. No matter how close they seem to be, he must have been with her because of her money, power, status, or other reasons. And the woman is a cougar who is only for her own sexual desires.

People will laboriously point out each way in which such a relationship may fail, leading to the inadequacy of all couples. For some couples, their opinions may apply. However, it is wrong to generalize these beliefs into each different relationship. Historically, there have been many successful older women dating relationships between older women and younger men. It is also a very common sight today. It is time to eliminate such old prejudices and allow everyone to freely choose their own date.