Tips on female to male transition

Transition is the only chance for transgender people to live as the one they want. If you are a transgender man who want to have a life in a new form, transition surgery is a necessary step. I'm so happy that you can jump out of the stereotype and seek a new life. For all transgender people, transition surgery an opportunity for rebirth. Your body have to grow in a new way, however, you need to suffer a lot in the process. Postoperative complication is another disaster for transgender people. Transgender people who have had top surgery may need more time to recover their body features. Some times, they need medicine to reduce the pain after surgery. Anesthesia and medication are necessary for your surgery, but they may lead to some bad effects. For example, you may feel light-headed, nausea and vomiting. You may get weight after transition surgery, but it doesn't matter. You can exercise in the rest of you life.

Don't move of exercise immediately after the surgery. You'd better stay in bed for at least one week. A week later, you should start to move. Stretching your arms and legs slowly, walking for a few minutes in your house. Try to avoid outdoor activities until full recovery. Don't stay in bed throughout the recover period, walking in your house for several minutes is helpful to reduce the risk of blood clots. Constipation is another problem to deal with after surgery. It's may not bad for some people, but all transgender people will suffer form different degree of constipation after surgery. My advice to avoid this problem is to drink lots of water and walk in your house if you can. Try stool softeners and laxatives when suffer from serious constipation.

Most transgender people want to have the surgery for a better life. And be themselves. They want to make friends, have some great ts dating. Find a long-term date for a happy transgender dating relationship. That's why they can take all the suffers from the surgery.

All transgender people might get caught up in the difficulties after surgery, feeling down post-op is a common problem for most transgender people. Besides pain and uncomfortable feeling, you need to stay at hone for a few weeks, apart from your friends and work groups. By the way, you need other people's help in the process. Living with your families or close friends after surgery. Life after surgery could be hard without their help. You may feel excited for the first few days after the surgery, while most of people would feel uncomfortable a few days later. In fact, I feel upset and depressed several days after my latest surgery. I need some time to get used to new life, I think the same as other transgender hookup people.

My advice to all transgender people is give yourself the space to release your uneasy emotion, don't suppress your emotion all the time, especially after the surgery. Share your feelings with your close friends, no matter they can understand or not. You can also write them down everyday. When you feel uncomfortable with your body, ask your doctor for advice. You can also join a transgender community to share your experience with other like-minded people. You'd be surprised at the number of people who have the same feeling and experience with you.