How to have a one night stand with strangers?

For most people interested in having a one night stand, a complete stranger might be their favorite choice. After all, there is hardly any aftermath after it. But getting intimate with a stranger can also be a tricky thing. Here are several tips.

Ask first. Instead of making assumptions, you might as well ask directly. People who deserves your time won't be offended by this question at all. Just make sure mutual content before doing anything with this person, otherwise you might be making a huge mistake. There is only a simple line between a pleasant one night stand and a serious crime called rape. Also, just because she is flirting with you doesn't mean she will be okay with sleeping with you. Before leading her into bedroom, make sure you get a positive answer.

Do not engage in unprotected sexual behavior. Assuming your partner has taken protection method is the stupidest thing in a one night stand. You should bring it to the table and talk about it in order to make sure. Only one slip of thought can cause serious damage. Except from unplanned pregnancy, there are also kinds of STDs. Some people don't even know they have it until they are informed by someone they once slept with.

These days, tinder hookup culture is so prevalent. It can never be too cautious when it comes to your health. So don't count on your hookup partner, you should guarantee it yourself, especially when having a one night stand with someone. Just bring a condom in your pocket before you go just in case it's your lucky day. Even if you don't feel like to, it's a good habit to keep a condom in the pocket, because people change, you know? So that when you change your mind, you can still have the safe option.

Don't be shy. The cruel fact is being shy will only hurt your own pleasure in tinder for hookups. Even though being naked in front of a stranger isn't something one should feel comfortable with. But if you are too shy and too introvert to speak up for yourself, you will be held back and you are not probably going to enjoy yourself. What you should do is try to overcome that feeling and be open.

Tell your partner about what you like in bed and what you don't like. This is someone you don't know and who you might never know after this night, so what's to lose? You are here to have fun and enjoy all the pleasure, so don't be held back by other factors, including yourself. Try to relax yourself by thinking about what can turn you on and what can make your partner excited instead of focusing how you feel about the whole thing. You can even be the lead.