How to date a transgender person

First of all, don’t get me wrong: dating a transgender person is just like dating anybody else. However, for most of the cisgenders, which means non transgenders, it can be a little bit tricky or hard to deal with your transgender women or transgender men as there are still a bunch of unfolded facts waiting for you to discover. Especially if it is your first time dating a transgender person, no matter it is a ladyboy, shemale, crossdressing men or tomboy, there are a few things you might need to keep in mind in order to optimize your dating experience.

First of all, before you start getting to the essence of dating a transgender person, make sure you genuinely like them not just because he or she is a ts guy or t girls, but because you like them for who they are.

Be sensitive when you are asking questions

The fact that you have a ts date doesn’t guarantee you the privilege of being disrespectful and insensitive. I get it that you might have millions of questions about transgender itself, as well as their sexuality. But imagine yourself living in a society which is not as accepting or open minded, not only you have to stand the stare of others, but also the questions out of ignorance. Thus it is of great importance to be more sensitive and think twice before asking any questions such as “What made you want to be a transgender?”, “do you consider yourself gay or lesbian?” or “what about your first time lose your virginity, how was it?” Do you really think those questions are only out of pure curiosity which would not annoy your t girls or t guys?

Do a bit research beforehand

Normally, transgender people are extremely sensitive about the pronouns. I know you have probably never touched a finger in the domain and knows basically nothing about it. However, if you choose to date a transgender person, make sure you use the right gendered language that fits your ts date. Should you use “he” or “she”? or something else? If you are not sure about which pronoun you should use, there are a slew amount of transgender dating tips on transgender dating apps which can help you tremendously.

Connect with people alike

When you date someone you care, involve yourself in their lives. Making friends with other transgender people will be a great option. You can find numerous transgender meet up groups on a variety kind of transgender apps. Talking with them will not only help you get to know to this group more, but also opens your eye for a different world.

Last but not least, follow your heart. No matter who you are dating, the ultimate goal is always seek happiness and love. This journey is a long way to learn how to love and how to live.